Technical info about this site and its production.


This is the 12th version of my website since 2003 and marks a return to modular design thanks to TailwindCSS. I used to code everything by hand, even making modular, custom-designed, blog posts, and I missed that control and creativity.

Tools used

  • Atom for web development
  • NPM JS
  • Mac Terminal for builds, monitoring, installations
  • Transmit for FTP
  • Pinegrow for quick layout experiments
  • Trello for tracking and squashing bugs and other bits of jobs to be done
  • CodeKit for processing some parts of the project that I preferred to have a GUI for and for the nice little toast pop-ups telling me if something failed in the background
  • Figma
  • Photoshop


This site is all flat-file, baby.

Grav is the CMS I was really enjoying for a while. It's a great flat-file CMS that seems to be growing nicely. I got some flack from some developers while I was working with it due to Grav using Twig (occasionally seen as an inferior templating language) but I felt that overall Grav and the ecosystem they've been building is great. In the end I switched to flat-file for more security, but if you're looking for a CMS Grav is solid.

A strong runner-up if I was going to use a CMS goes to Kirby, which I actually built the entire first draft of the site on, but I was having way too hard of a time working with it in the end and the development on it as a product seemed way too slow.

CSS Framework

I had no idea that years ago the way I had built my website was what is now called utility-first or modular in design, or, at the time, why that was so great. After throwing a template site up quickly after being hacked and needing a website fast for some consultation work it started to become apparent the power that I had accidentally previously discovered before. With that in mind, I arrived at TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework that I so far cannot recommend enough.